Tantra. Medicine for Mind, Body & Soul.

Want live a more connected, joyous and embodied life? Do you have trauma, shame or inexperience around sexuality?

Joy, bliss, clarity, love and happiness is your natural state, your birthright! Learn ancient practices to raise your energy. Alchemise sensation and pleasure for healing and connection. Be the best lover you ever had. Make medicine from pleasure. Become your own healer.

Exploring the Depths of Tantra

Your inate body wisdom is crying out for balance, health and bliss.  Your soul longs to reside in its natural state of joy, clarity and openness.

The universe seeks balance and harmony.  Everything is stacked in your favour and you already have the tools you need.

All you need is the key…


Tantra is an ancient spiritual science which teaches us to weave together various aspects of our inner and outer worlds.

This leads to an expansion of consciousness, enriches our reality and transforms our life experience from the mundane to the extraordinary.

The work offered here is rooted in the Shangpa Kagyu lineage within Vajrayana (Tibetan Tantric) Buddhism.

In this tradition we weave light (visualization), sound (mantra) and form (body) to create medicine for mind, body and soul.

Tibetan 5 Elements

Everything in our world, including you, is composed of energy. As this primordial energy manifests as our physical and emotional reality it displays 5 distinctive characteristics.

These are what we call the 5 elements.

When theses elemental energies are out of balance they show up in us as the 5 root poisons – toxic emotions or personality traits. In Eastern medicine this is the basis of illness and dis-ease – a view with which Western medicine is increasingly concurring.

By clearing the poison and balancing the energies, we can literally heal our life.

Our Studio

Tantra Courses in Poole & Bournemouth

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