An Introduction To Energy Medicine

You may not have joined the dots at the time, but in school we were taught that the world we live in is not a physical place. This is a view confirmed by our science. The basic building block of our reality is the atom. I remember the analogy that described an atom that if you placed a pea in the centre of St. Pauls’s cathedral then that would be the nucleus. The cloud of electrons that spin around the nucleus would then be at the distance of the dome of the cathedral. Other than that, the atom is mainly empty space.

That view has changed in recent times as, from a scientific perspective, the previously accepted atomic model does not explain the interaction of energetic forces and “empty space” does not exist. Cue the building of the Large Hadron Collider to better understand the physical properties of the atom, and quantum physics theorizing and searching for the “dark matter” that constitutes the empty space.

What is understood, however, is that the physical world is built from these atoms. They bond to form molecules and molecules bond to form physical things and also interact with each other to manifest energetic phenomena such as chemical reactions, electricity and so forth.

Now, these bonds are not fixed. Atoms do not bond with each other and stay that way for eternity. They are continually bonding and unbonding.  The atoms which constitute each of us are in a constant state of flow with the atoms that make up our environment. A rough estimate is that the 30 trillion atoms which make up your body today are completely replaced by new atoms every seven years or so.

We are therefore profoundly and deeply connected to our environment and to each other in a way that we do not consciously realise. This connection is both physical and energetic. Our environment and relationships have a profound effect on our physical and emotional state, and our inner state has a profound effect on our environment and relationships.

This is the inescapable flow, the dance, of life.

Eastern philosophy and medicine has understood and worked with this interconnectedness and flow for millennia. In the West we once understood this but have somehow forgotten it as we became more “advanced” and “civilized”. As this interconnectedness and flow is an immutable fact it is slowly becoming more accepted and re-discovered by Western medicine.  As an example, the US Centre for Disease Prevention and Control carried out a large scale survey into ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) which demonstrated how negative environmental factors experienced in childhood manifest in poor health and other outcomes in adulthood.

The good news is that we do not have to live our lives as victims of our circumstance. We can learn to identify, interact with, and influence the inward and outward energetic flow of life. By learning to work with this flow we are no longer buffeted unconsciously by the winds of life but instead become true participants in the dance of life. In this way we heal ourselves, our relationships, communities and everything we interact with.

This is Energy Medicine. This is what is offered here.

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